Bhagalpur: the City Known as the Silk City of India

Bhagalpur: the City Known as the Silk City of India

India, a nation distinguished by numerous cities, each with its unique identity and significance, is recognized globally for its diverse cultural heritage. This article delves into the narrative of one such Indian city, frequently acknowledged as the “Silk City of India.” Located in the state of Bihar, Bhagalpur has earned this esteemed title due to its extensive legacy of silk production, establishing itself as a prominent player in both the domestic and international silk trade.

The Global Demand for Indian Silk

India’s reputation for silk production extends its demand not only within the country but also internationally. Annually, India exports a substantial quantity of silk to continents like Europe and beyond. The exquisite craftsmanship and quality of Indian silk have made it highly sought after in the global fashion industry.

The Silk City: Bhagalpur, Bihar

Among the various cities in India, Bhagalpur, situated in the state of Bihar, holds the distinguished title of the “Silk City of India.” Nestled along the banks of the majestic Ganges River, Bhagalpur is a city of great commercial importance, particularly in the context of Tussar silk. The silk produced in this city, often referred to as “Bhagalpuri silk,” is renowned not only within India but also worldwide.

Why Bhagalpur is called the “Silk City of India”

Bhagalpur’s claim to fame as the “Silk City of India” is deeply rooted in its rich history of silk production, a tradition dating back nearly two centuries. This legacy has been passed down from generation to generation. Today, Bhagalpur boasts an annual silk trade worth approximately 100 crores Indian Rupees, with around 50% of the business conducted on an international scale.

Silk’s Global Presence from Bhagalpur

Silk originating from Bhagalpur reaches far-reaching destinations worldwide, including Western Asia, Europe, the United States, and Japan. Annually, the city contributes approximately two million meters of silk fabric, establishing itself as a prominent hub for silk production. The high-quality silk from Bhagalpur is not only admired for its luxurious texture but also for its intricate designs and vibrant colors.

The Unique Status of Silk Cities

One might question why other cities, such as Bangalore, are also designated as the “Silk City of India.” It is essential to recognize that Bhagalpur holds the distinction of being the first city in India acknowledged as a Silk City on the global stage. While other cities, like Hyderabad, play a role in India’s silk production, Bhagalpur remains a significant center for the silk trade due to its enduring tradition and exceptional craftsmanship.


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