Art and Culture of Siwan

Art and Culture of Siwan

Art and Culture of Siwan

Siwan being an important part of Bihar needs no introduction as the region is known to produce many luminaries one being Dr. Rajendra Prasad who was first President of Republic of India. Earlier a part of Saran, Siwan got separated as an independent district in 1976. It is popular for its multiple specialities like its culture, heritage and notably for its tourism. Places like Korara, Maharajgani, Mehandar, Bikhaband and Sohagara have taken the tourism department’s success to upper level over past years. Maharajgani, a notified town and an exquisite travel destination makes Siwan more beautiful.

Culture of Siwan

Siwan is a small district of Bihar is famous for its religious and historical heritage. The overall cultural scenario of the district reflects an integration of distinct prevalent traditions of the city. The major part of the district is dominated by Hindus, while influence of Muslim culture is also reflected in the region owing to large population of Muslims in the area. Great hospitality and purity in culture makes an everlasting impression on tourist and people traveling to the district.

Though, the district has developed a lot from early days and is still developing, but at present, the traditional Bihari culture is what that rules the region. Besides this, it is even a home for many tribal communities who influence the culture of Siwan a lot.Traditional dance, colorful costumes and intriguing customs of the district attract large number of tourist from all parts of globe.People of Siwan continues to talk and carry on their language Bhojpuri. Being known for their heritage and mythologies, the city is successfully passing its culture to the coming generation.


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