Sohagara Dham

Sohagara Dham

For the worship of Lord Shiva, Baba Baijnath Dham situated in Devgarh is famous throughout the country, where a huge crowd of devotees and Shiva devotees arise in the month of Saawan, but another Dham is famous for the glory and grace of Bholenath Lord Shiva; Of Sohagra Dham Where, in the Baba Hans Nath Temple, it is believed that there is a belief that the worship and burning of puja and burning there do not only fulfill the desires of the devotees but also get the right of the husband and the child.

On the occasion of Sawan in Sohagra Dham, located at Guttani block of Siwan district, devotees, especially women and virgin women, are trained to worship. Sohagra Dham situated on the border of Bihar-Uttar Pradesh is one of mythological places. The huge Shivling of Lord Shiva is found in Baba Hans Nath Temple located here. Which becomes a special center of faith in the month of Savan. Here, the devotees come from a far flung to worship Lord Shankar. Especially on Monday, there is a huge crowd of devotees growing up to perform the Jalabhishek of Shivling.

There is such a belief about the temple that the offerings are made here by offering Prasad and worshiping the puja. The temple is famous for its achievement of husband and child. Because of which most women and young women come here for worshiping. However, there is no clear information after the origin and construction of the ancient Shiva temple. Where are the many temple traditions associated with the temple that the huge Shivling which is installed in the temple has been manifested automatically. The daughter of the monks Rajas Vansasura, who worshiped the worship, consequently, she was married to Lord Krishna’s grandson Aniruddha.

At the same time, Kashi Naresh Raja Swans flag had asked for a veneration for the child’s origin and his wish was fulfilled. After this, Raja Hansnath constructed this huge temple, and hence the name of the temple became Baba Hans Nath and the temple became the center of worship of childless couples and virgins. At the same time, priests of Sohagra Dham also tell the people’s beliefs and stories related to the temple. According to the priests, this temple belongs to Dwapar era, where there used to be a huge forest in the east. Usha, daughter of Baanasur, friend of the monster Raj Ravan, got huge Shivling during the tour. In the month of Mahashivaratri and Savan, the remote devotees and Shibbhat come to Jalabhishek and ask for veneration by


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