5 Famous Foods of Bihar

Litti is stuffed with sattu (roasted gram flour) and some special spices and is served with brinjal chokha or ghee

Malpua is prepared from a combination of refined flour, milk, banana,  grated coconut, cashews, raisins, sugar, water and green cardamom fried  in ghee.

Thekua are sweets made from maida (wheat flour) and sugar. They are  prepared by the combination of maida in ghee and sugar, only on special  occasions.

The city of Chapra in Bihar is famous for Perukia. It is like a cake. It  is prepared with a mixture of sugar, khoya/semolina, all purpose flour,  water and ghee.

Khaja Silao - A sweet prepared with maida (wheat-flour), sugar and ghee, it is available in many varieties.