Festivals in Siwan

Festivals in Siwan

The festivals in Siwan district are celebrated with great zeal and gusto. All festivals are very much colorful and are carried to promote feeling of brotherhood and societal unity.Chatth Puja is a major festival of Siwan, which is celebrated with immense faith among the people. It is mainly a Hindu festival that is celebrated twice a year. It is once enjoyed in month of Chaitra, that is summers, and once in month of Kartik, that is during beginning of winters. This festival is rejoiced to please the Sun god, which is locally termed as Surya Shasthi.

Makar Sakranti is another famous and enjoyable festival of Siwan district. The local people celebrate this festival during beginning of summers and enjoy it a lot. It is also known as ‘Tila Sankranti’ and is considered as a major festival of harvest season in Siwan as well as in major parts of India. The festival also symbolizes commencing of a new, auspicious year in Indian culture.Holi is the third and other most enjoyable festival of Siwan. The people of Siwan celebrate this festival in extremely colorful and joyful manner. It is even one of the biggest festivals of the district, during which the entire atmosphere is charged up.


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